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  • We used Mild Steel C Channel cross section Chassis is Ladder type

Front Suspension

  • Typically, Mini Jeep has a Double wishbone type instead we have used Macpherson strutAssembly & Single wishbone. Considered few factors like Roll, Ground clearance, Wheelbaseand trackwidth ofvehicle, Sprung/upsprung Mass.
  • During vehicle testing we found there is chance of rolling near sharp turns So we used a Balance rod(maruthi 800 with some modifications) and also to control the play in the wheel assembly we used stub axle of Hyundai Eon Vehicle.

Rear Suspension

  • We choseLeaf Spring type of Suspension in Rear The way the suspension is constructed is really simple and strong, acting as a linkage that holds the axle in position without the need for separate linkage. But in Leaf Spring we need one side should be fixed &other should be in motion.
  • During Testing due to heavy weight leaf spring shackle mount failed, so we used Tata Ace rear shock absorbers.

Steering and tyres

  • Steering System we have choose Rack and Pinon Mechanism which is of Maruti 800 but here we have modified according to our requirement like we required less turning radius, Steering Ratio
  • Used Maruti 800 Ball Joint with Modification, threading had to be altered .We used eon rims and tyres.

Power Train

  • Keeping Torque as a criteria we used3kw BLDC Motor ans48V Controller, it’s a High voltage System we need a Proper insulation, follow colour coding, wire gauge to overcome short-circuits
  • We Used Hazard Indicator mounted near steering wheel for Reverse Direction (Maruti 800).

Battery 48 volts 100 ampere hour AMCO batteries

  • Energy storage system as we are going to minimize the cost, we have chosen lead acid battery but drawback is additional weight to vehicle but we designed in such way as our cart has more carrying capacity so we have balanced with power.
  • We used a small converter of 48V-12V DC to operate .we have used Rubber bushes Bike & Car tubes used to Control Vibrations.


  • Brakes are very important to the vehicle as it is an electric vehicle, we need to cut off motor then Mechanical Brake Drum Brakes should activate
  • Here with Unique Mechanism of Brake cable adjustment (for Vertical motion to Curvemotion )We Used Maruti 800 Hand Brake Cable used clutch sensor (four pole) on brake pedal to disconnect power to differential to stop the vehicle ,at the same time supply power to enable brake lights

Charging System

  • this is very important for Electric vehicle as we have used 48V,100ah Lead Acid Battery we need maintain proper life cycle managementCharging time of Batteries is 5hrs and charger should be 15-25A 48V-60V Charger.
  • For Safety purpose we have done proper insulation alongsleeves to wiring harness,Multi-circuit Breaker (MCB) is used to reduce the prevent damage to an electrical circuit as a result of excess current We placed a Battery Monitor Indication which shows charging Level, Temp of Battery. So that we can charge vehicle accordingly.


  • Headlights Used LED Lights which consume low voltage and gives high focus


  • 1.5 mm Belly Pan Sheet Used for Floor and For Body used 0.8 0.9 mm Aluminium Sheet

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