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we follow manufacture specific servicing


Engine Scanner

Engine scanner to identify problems related to ECM a (electronic control module which controls the parameters of the functioning of a car.


2 Post Hydraulic Lift

4 Ton Lifting Capacity.
Dual hydraulic " Direct-Drive" Cylinders.
To lift Car (for quick repairs).


AC Machine

Ac machine which completely services the air conditioning of a car infact identifies the leak in the system,also vaccums and fills in gas automatically.


Brake Bleeding Machine

Brake bleeding machine which cleans the entire brake system which runs on hydraulic not only cleans also removes the air bubble present in it.


Engine Decarboniser

Engine decarboniser which cleans the engine of carbon particles that lowers the life of a engine ,this cleanser makes an old engine lurch back to life.


Injector Cleaner & Ultra Sonic

Suitable for cleaning 4 Injectors simultaneously.
Ultra Sonic Bath tub.
Uniformity test, Spark test, Leakage test and Auto test.


High Pressure Washing

Lance integrated with regulator for pressure and spray width for fatigue free working.


Plastic Welding Machine

Plastic Welding Machine to fix hard plastic in cars.

Our Services

  • Engine related
  • Diagnostics with scanner
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Engine decarbonise
  • Body related
  • Denting
  • Welding (gas and electric )
  • Plastic welding
  • Painting using latest technology
  • Detailing using premium brands
  • Interiors
  • Washing ( high pressure )
  • Use power tools
  • Pick up drop
  • Quick bay service
  • 15bays for work
  • Managing car fluids by changing on schedule
  • Buying and selling used cars with a factual report
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